Plastered by Media Series

My interests in working with mixed media have been calling me to work on board with oils, venetian plaster, transfers, collage and mark making. Through burnishing, I strip various magazine ads of their inks to create transfer prints. I then work over and back into the ghost images that remain with venetian plaster and oil paint. This approach is allowing me to explore the larger issues of media saturation and image overload. I find it satisfying to strip magazine ads of their subliminal power, while taking what I want from them.

As an artistic consumer, I fall into a category of individuals who recognize and actually appreciate good marketing, but manage to do so without succumbing to the impulse to buy. That said, what I don’t appreciate is the idea that I am being targeted and manipulated as an age bracket or gender, so that corporations can profit from insecurities that are being made-up and exploited for the sole purpose of their capital gain. So, what I do instead, (to balance the scales) is to distill the barrage of images down to a complex, yet serene surface. It’s all in, and under, there…but it’s not smackin’ you in the face.